Corrupt Prosecution Overturned After 16 Years

Jabbar Collins is receiving a large amount of press due to his success that is similar to the Hillary Swank; where she portrays Betty Waters who studied the law and fought for 18 years to win the release of her wrongfully convicted brother Kenneth Waters.

Jabbar Collins Freed by Huffington Post

Jabbar Collins decided from the very beginning – to do his own fight and studied the law to win his freedom.

What this WordPress Blog Writer admires – is that the Law, when applied legitimately – Works! We would encourage everyone to take up a basic study of law (Legal 101).

Unfortunately, the main stream press does not get involved except in the most extra-ordinary of cases or circumstances. This tends to encourage bad faith prosecutors to utilize tyrannical means for the sake of advancing their own careers. Such a mindset, compounded by the haughtier of the prosecution entity, refusing to admit clear (and irrefutably obvious) error ; serves to destroy the publics faith in the integrity of the judicial process.

Kudos to Jabbar Collins, who is now building his lawsuit against the Prosecutor’s office and State for their intentional bad faith. Jabbar Collins should be encouraged in his quest; as Betty and Kenneth Waters recently received a $3.4 million dollar settlement from the Town of Ayer and its five insurers. Unfortunately, Kenneth Waters passed away a short time after his release.

Corrupt Prosecutor Michael Vecchione

You can see the details of the corrupt prosecution in the Wall Street Journal Story

Solitary Jailhouse Lawyer Argues His Way Out of Prison

Jabbar Collins had to impersonate an investigator/prosecutor officer; in order to trick a witness to confess. Now all the witnesses have come forward and admitted that they were threatened, swindled and conned into testifying against Jabbar Collins.

The heinousness of Intentional Fraud on the Court by Michael Vecchione should serve to his immediate politico demise.

Mr. Vecchione is now head Prosecutor of the Rackets Division and he is being defended by District Attorney Charles Hynes. This is the problem with the system; the refusal to admit wrong-doing or having a system in place to deal with such.

Kudos to American Heros Betty Waters and her new kindred spirit warrior general Jabbar Collins; we need more like you in America!

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